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  • Unexpected Pleasures By Penny Jordan 
       Language - English
    ISBN number - 978-93-5106-333-9


    Secrets from the past emerge in the present-and the consequences are unexpected for these two couples.


    Tragedy had befallen Rosie when she was a vulnerable sixteen-year-old-and Jake Lucas had witnessed the entire thing. Since then Rosie has built a successful career, not allowing anyone near the woman behind the cheerful face she shows to the world. But Jake has entered her life again, and he isn’t about to let her forget the past.


    Sasha walked away from handsome millionaire Gabriel Calbrini to marry  another- and he’s never forgiven her. Now widowed, Sasha is shocked when Gabriel is named heir to her late husband’s wealth andguardian to her two sons. But Sasha won’t surrender. There’s far too much at stake-especially the one thing that Gabriel must never know.…

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