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  • Total Siyapaa By Neha Sharma 
       Language - English
    ISBN number - 978-93-5106-396-4


    Aasha Singh, fiery and confident, can't wait to get her hands dirty with hard news, and uncover scandals and controversies.

    A Punjabi desi in London, from India.

    AmanAli, smart-aleck and suave, a promising musician, has left the security of a career in finance to follow his passion in music.

    A disserent kind of a Punjabi desi in London, from Pakistan.

    When Aasha meets Aman during her last assignment at the South Asian Hour before moving onto the news beat, they start off at loggerheads.

    Then fate and friends nudge them together. Their sassy banter blossoms into a delicious romance. But will reality manage to keep them together?

    From Edinburg to London and onwards to Udaipur, friendship, love, family and geographical boundaries make their journey a mix of emotions and delight.

    Sum o Two Wholes- Total Siyapaa is an extension of the screenplay of the Hindi film, Total Siyapaa, Written by Neeraj Pandey, Directed by Eshcar Niwas.

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