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  • The Dog who healed a family By Jo Coudert 
       Language - English
    ISBN number - 978-93-5106-251-6


    Three adopted children wreak havoc in their new home… until an exceptional dog brings the family together.

    A lonely widow brings a talkative parrot into her quiet life… and discovers a new understanding of “I Love You.”

    A down-on-their-luck family is forced to abandon their beloved sixteen-year-old dog…until the “puppy express” carries her fifteen hundred miles back home.

    In this charming collection, readers will fall in love with the unlucky fawn who is saved by a nursing home, the troublesome rabbit who warms her way into a new family, and the good (German) shepherd who comforts the sick. These are stories of hope, humor, triumph, loyalty, compassion, life and even death—but most of all, these are stories of love and the extraordinary animals who make our lives the richer for it.

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