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  • Mills & Boon Super-value Pack 2 (January 2016) By Various 
       Language - English
    ISBN number - 9789351069904


    The Russian's Ultimatum

    Michelle Smart
    He'll make her an offer... Pascha Virshilas is on the brink of securing personal redemption when Emily Richardson breaks into his office and steals private company documents. And then she has the gall to blackmail him into clearing her father's name! She can't refuse! But Pascha has his own terms. He'll keep his side of the bargain, but the enticing Emily must accompany him to his private island - the only place he can ensure her silence. But in the midst of a tropical storm the wind blows aside suspicions and secrets to reveal something much more dangerous: lust!

    Fonseca's Fury

    Abby Green
    It's HOT in the jungle...The last time Luca Fonseca saw Serena DePierohe, he ended up in a jail cell. The Brazilian billionaire has since clawed back his reputation, but he's never forgotten her. So when Luca discovers Serena's working for his charity his anger is reignited! Serena has changed. Finally in control of her life, she refuses to let Luca intimidate her. She'll deal with whatever her new boss throws at her – from a rainforest trek to the social jungle of Rio! But she can't handle the passion that is hotter than Luca's fury. Especially when it threatens to consume them both!

    Taming the French Tycoon

    Rebecca Winters
    Since taking over the luxury Ferriers perfume brand, new CEO Jasmine Martin has been fighting an uphill battle to prove she deserves her high-powered position! Especially to brooding tycoon Luc Charriere, the most distractingly handsome man she's ever met...
    Luc doesn't trust easily, but Jasmine needs his help – and something in her beautiful blue eyes tempts him to offer his support. And when Luc realizes how much he cares for her he'll risk everything to keep the woman who has stolen his heart by his side...

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