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  • Magic of Home By Nora Roberts 
       Language - English

    Come home to the one you love. Come home to the magic of Nora Roberts. "HOME FOR CHRISTMAS" Jason Law is finally ready to return to Quiet Valley. Ten years is a long time to have left the one place and the one person he loved. No longer satisfied with just the memories of Faith Kirkpatrick now he wants to win her back. But Faith has new responsibilities, ones too precious to trust to someone unable to put down roots. Jason has till Christmas to prove he's staying, he's come home to the one he loves. "SEARCH FOR LOVE" Arriving at her long-lost relatives grand estate, Serenity Smith finds herself greeted with polite disregard by the Comtesse de Kergallen and her darkly handsome grandson, Christophe. Scandalous stories circulate about her late parents that Serenity determines to prove false. Perhaps then the enigmatic Christophe will accept her and acknowledge the attraction flaring between them!

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