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  • Lone Wolf By Karen Whiddon 
       Language - English

    Werewolves and Vampires don’t mix.Well, they did, and the result was born nine  months later. Don’t miss this sensuous story – the next in the bestselling werewolf miniseries The Pack!

    Disillusioned from his time serving as a Protector under a corrupt Council, Anton Beck has vowed to have nothing to do with anything Pack. He is looking forward to a  few months of peace and quiet deep in the Big Bend Mountains of Texas. That quiet is shattered when he’s abducted and held captive with none other than his  exlover- turned-nemesis, Vampire Huntress Marika. But that’s not all. She bore his miracle child. And that child has been taken...

    It becomes clear that an ancient Vampire priestess is behind the kidnapping, but why? To exploit the child’s rare gifts? In a race against time, two former lovers must overcome bitterness and broken hearts in order to save their daughter – and save themselves in the process.

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