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  • Jet-Set Tycoons By Helen Bianchin 
       Language - English

    Meet the Jet-Set Billionaires They’re powerful They’re wealthy And they’re used to getting their own way!

    The Disobedient Bride by Helen Bianchin

    When Tyler Benedict returns home, he finds his wife Lianne, gone. When Tyler makes Lianne an offer she can’t refuse, she knows he wants her back where she belongs…in his bed.

    His Wedding Ring of Revenge by Julia James
    After Vito Farneste rejects Rachel after taking her virginity,she is horrified to realise she must convince Vito to accept a marriage of convenience. But Vito won’t be blackmailed by anyone!

    The Doctor’s Fire Rescue by Lilian Darcy
    Meeting again in Australia, Italian medic Niccolo Conti is sure Alison only ever said she loved him to get hold of his family’s wealth. But an emergency rescue makes him think again…

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