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  • Innocence Protected By Diana Palmer 
       Language - English

    There’s nothing these rugged heroes won’t do for love!

    Innocence Protected is a linked trilogy available for the first time in one volume.Set in the fictional town of Jacobsville these three tall,tanned Texans are mercenaries determined to protect the women they love.
    Mercenary’s Woman
    Ebenezer was a bad boy to the core.Sally was sweet,gentle and naïve.Could she slip through his iron-clad defenses and become this guarded mercenary’s bride?
    The Winter Soldier
    Everyone in Jacobsville steered clear of taciturn Cy.Aside from spirited Lisa,who could be the only woman able tame the temper of the formidable loner…
    The Last Mercenary
    Brave Micah was about to hang up his gun,until a virginal beauty from his past needed his help.Now he will do anything to rescue Callie from a terrifying criminal!

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