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  • His Bride by Design By Teresa Hill 
       Language - English

    Wedding-dress designer Chloe Allen had it all!

    She had her fi rst celebrity client, a debut New York fashion show, even a happy engagement…her third, but who was counting? Then a catwalk catfi ght revealed her fi ancé’s cheating ways and the media had a fi eld day. To be painted as unlucky in love was a curse in her profession.

    As brides-to-be rioted to return their Chloe originals, Fiancé No. 2 rode to her rescue. Financier James Elliott IV couldn’t let her – or his secret investment in her business – suffer. They would play up a reunion romance for the cameras and get Chloe back on track. He had it all sewn up – but would their tabloid ruse turn into the real deal?

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