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  • Friends For Life By Aastha Atray , Milan Vohra , Shoma Narayanan 
       Language - English


    A match made in Mumbai!

    Coming home from a night out, Riya is not expecting to trip over the man who once broke her heart sleeping on her living room floor! He's over for her flatmate's wedding - which means she's got to spend 24/7 with the guy – and the sparks are already flying!

    Six years ago Riya fell for him – totally –whereas Dhruv didn’t believe in love. Not then and not now. After all, the other reason he's in India is to consider an arranged marriage! But as the monsoons start Riya and Dhruv are forced to confront what drove them apart back then. Only then does Riya start to hope that this wedding fever could perhaps be...contagious...


    His Monsoon Bride

    An ideal wife?

    Piramal Industries is the jewel in Mehtab Rathod’s crown, but he needs a wife to convince the board his playboy days are over and that he’s finally settled down to business – even if it’s just for show!

    Amrita Piramal grew up playing the faultless hostess, helping her father to woo investors – and, with her delicious curves, Mehtab knows she’ll make the perfect trophy wife.

    With her family bankrupt, Amrita is forced to accept Mehtab’s shocking proposal – but that doesn’t mean she’ll be obedient!

    Soon the spark of defiance flares into attraction, and their fake marriage starts to feel all too real!


    The Love Asana

    Vivan Parasher has waited patiently for revenge. But when he gets it he feels the Dewan family still owe him more. Then the beautiful sister of his nemesis walks into his office, willing to do anything to save her brother from Vivan’s vengeance…

    A notorious playboy, Vivan could certainly benefit from a wife on his arm, and Pari is the perfect candidate. If he didn’t have proof that she’s as bad as the rest of her family Vivan might even feel a twinge of guilt at his shocking proposal!

    But it’s only when he slips his ring on Pari’s finger that he realises the extent of his mistake.

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