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  • Diamonds are for Marriage By Jennie Adams , Margaret Way , Trish Wylie 
       Language - English

    A Diamond Ring

    The Australian’s Society Bride

    Leona has known Boyd, the most eligible bachelor in Australia, since she was a child. He is so  out of her league that she hides behind a wall of indifference. Until the kiss that sets tongues  wagging and gives Boyd the means he’s been waiting for to make the redhead his…

    Manhattan Boss, Diamond Proposal

    Manhattan boss Quinn doesn’t believe in love. But since Quinn hired Clare O’Connor, he has  less control over his heart. His route to romance has always been easy. But now a real gem  is involved. He has to tread softly. And if he does, the way will be paved with diamonds…

    Australian Boss: Diamond Ring

    Fiona Donner breezed into Brent MacKay’s office with her sunny smile and bouncy  enthusiasm – and promptly turned his ordered world topsy-turvy. She may be the woman to  finally release Brent’s fears – and uncover the secret he’s lived with his whole life…

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