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  • Desert Brides By Lynne Graham 
       Language - English

    Wanted by the Sheikh …

    Innocent Bride

    Desert prince Shahir broke all his own rules when he slept with lowly cleaner Kirsten  Ross. Kirsten is innocent, penniless, and now pregnant with a royal baby! Shahir’s  honour means Kirsten must become his wife!

    Disobedient Bride

    Warrior Sheikh Tair lives by the strict rules of the desert and when Tally fl outs them  – and him – she must be tamed! Tally is kept like a slave-girl, and with each new  rebellion Tair’s resolve hardens. As ruler, he must have her obedience; as a man, he must have her!

    Virgin Bride

    Ruthless Sultan Tariq is used to having everything he wants, but beautiful oil  heiress Farrah Tyndall is the exception. He crushed her romantic dreams five  years ago; so why should she agree to be his wife now…for the sake of a business deal?!

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