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    • Sometimes being average is better than being the best! Know more!... http://t.co/KJHd2IltBs

    • The Art of Living Knowledge Series http://t.co/LmGtcBWMhp

    • How many books are you planning to read in 2015? #NewYearTargets #NeverEndingList http://t.co/BLfOSRvBnB

    • #DogWhoHealedAFamily http://t.co/fteinvyKSG

    • http://t.co/hRRHNGZGh1 http://t.co/6nlYFR72oK

    • Which Mills & Boon Novel is keeping you warm this winters? Tell us!!!

    • Looking Forward to seeing you all here! Nidhie Sharma Dancing with Demons Crossword Bookstores - Pune http://t.co/Gj2PCm8LPP

    • Looking forward to see you all here! Nidhie Sharma Dancing with Demons Crossword Bookstores - Pune

    • Short stories of our adorable friends. http://t.co/J82oNGtlvB http://t.co/iU5IZwZYtX

    • Fashionable Forever! #FashionablyYours by Swati Sharma Author http://t.co/T2MTx1EKtX

    • 2015 is just around the corner! Want to know what this year has in store for you? http://t.co/cuyICdk3uV

    • Author of #TarotPredictionsFor2015 & tarot reader Karmel Nair will be answering all your questions on Facebook at 4! Don't forget to login!

    • Move over mommies! Tell us those parenting areas in which dads outshine moms. Coffee vouchers to be won! #Daddy... http://t.co/1DkGQpj9g7

    • Champion Speaks! #DancingWithDemons @NidhiSharma http://t.co/phbTGXMhFW

    • RT @AuthorReet: Stay warm even as #Delhi freezes. How? Read #ScorchedByHisFire & #TheCureWasLove! http://t.co/IVpuTBVJJh… @HQNIndia #mfrwau…

    • Join us on Facebook for a twitter chat with Tarot Cards Reader and author of #TarotPredictionsFor2015 on 16th Dec at 4 PM.

    • What is that one fashion accessory you never leave home without? Our favourite answers get coffee vouchers... http://t.co/047AYE53Rf

    • What is your favourite style quote? #StyleMantra #FashionablyYours by Swati Sharma Author http://t.co/d4OPJQvInj

    • Sometimes love is the only thing that can cure a doctor! #TheCureWasLove @AuthorReet http://t.co/4k6bycLgwg

    • #FashionablyYours by Swati Sharma Author http://t.co/KWKbHNEHiS

  • Book of the Month

    Fashionably Yours

  • Book of the Month

    The Cure Was Love


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