Amrita Rao launches author Harshvardhan’s When Hari met his Saali at Crossword book store!

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    • @myTalwalkars wonderful !!! thanks all for the participation ! Congratulations to the Q1 winner @vinitha 6 more Q's - check out this space!

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    • @ritugh @CuttingStories @subeeta @KanishaRaina Ain't 40's the new 30's :)

    • Kudos to the M&Bs book cover designing team-says @iambibilophile Team-@Deepika_Dweets @NanditaBhandari -listening? http://t.co/ycGjags3J5

    • RT @iambibilophile: @HQNIndia #BookReview Twelve Hours of Temptation http://t.co/ICteP3hO1r

    • RT @kalyanirao09: Chk an audio excerpt from #Bubblewrap read by me :) https://t.co/MpDO3jIdZf @HQNIndia @bookadorers

    • RT @iambibilophile: @HQNIndia #Bookreview The Girl He Left Behind http://t.co/QvTdViSEjI

    • RT @SueGhoshWriter: #WhatWouldITellHerAt13: #Parenting help and a chance to relive your #teens. #books @HQNIndia

    • What Would I tell Her At 13 ? Be Yourself ! @SueGhoshWriter @suechop @rohaldea http://t.co/ziimBkJQ0l http://t.co/i8gJXfGHis

    • A wonderful take on #trouble has a new name @adite http://t.co/PQ6wGiakDI

    • Understand your #Teenagers @SueGhoshWriter @HappyParentales @Sokamath @meghakhoria http://t.co/ziimBkJQ0l http://t.co/1hP6gmuSCW

    • Where Earth Meets Water ...bookstore glimpses ! http://t.co/5WREj1GdLU

    • Indulgence is not the answer always @SueGhoshWriter @ritikakhullar @SerenelyRapt @09mitali http://t.co/rnsRPldLLi

  • Book of the Month

    Since You've Been Gone

    350.00  332.00
  • Book of the Month

    The Girl He Left Behind

    150.00  135.00

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