Amrita Rao launches author Harshvardhan’s When Hari met his Saali at Crossword book store!

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    • Celebrate Gandhi Jayanti...Celebrate Women... Kalyani Rao http://t.co/0m5ivnO8YP

    • Harlequin India Wishes all a very Happy Gandhi Jayanti Tuhin A. Sinha http://t.co/TxgPymB1dc

    • An addictively suspenseful and tautly written thriller, THE GOOD GIRL is a compulsive debut that reveals how even... http://t.co/HPEVZKcDFR

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    • Catch the exciting Book Trailer of "Dancing with Demons"... http://t.co/kVGhktbGem

    • Harlequin India Presents... http://t.co/SyWmr1mn3R

    • Catch the exciting Book Trailer of "Dancing with Demons" https://t.co/bojOFuIIZy http://t.co/VCYZ6hnAQu

    • Me About My Thoughts | Bubble Wrap – Kalyani Rao http://t.co/xnPy20bWZs

    • Rendezvous with Model Hunt Contest Winner http://t.co/OChsHc7Ozd

    • Rendezvous with Model Hunt Contest Winner http://t.co/OChsHc7Ozd http://t.co/LShUob3bFD

    • Pre-order your copy of "Dancing with Demons" , India's first Boxing Romance Drama Novel written by Nidhie Sharma.... http://t.co/KkMoh2kiLM

    • Pre-order your copy of "Dancing with Demons", India's first Boxing Romance Drama Novel written by Nidhie Sharma.... http://t.co/6IuvmyPOSi

    • #Beauty of relationships, What do you think is the most beautiful part of being a parent ?popular response wins... http://t.co/FpTl2xUHoH

    • #Beauty of taking the plunge ! tell us when you decided to take the plunge for something you wanted against all... http://t.co/7qCbwrbjRL

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    • RT @RT_writes: 4STARS! Thanks @phatichar13 for a lovely review of @HQNIndia's #KingdomCome! Check it out, y'all https://t.co/V7q4Crxcqk :)

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