Amrita Rao launches author Harshvardhan’s When Hari met his Saali at Crossword book store!

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    • What Would I tell Her At 13 ? Be Yourself ! @SueGhoshWriter @suechop @rohaldea http://t.co/ziimBkJQ0l http://t.co/i8gJXfGHis

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    • Excited to share that season 2 of Resurrection -a TV series based on the novel "The Returned" by Jason Mott -... http://t.co/4AMgQog1Ld

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    • Delicious Smoothies for every day of the year @BahlVidhi http://t.co/1Ro577jyx9 http://t.co/I64EBu6urr

  • Book of the Month

    Since You've Been Gone

    350.00  332.00
  • Book of the Month

    The Girl He Left Behind

    150.00  135.00

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